The Newnan Coweta Scanner Platform is the foundation of the NCST Network and includes the Newnan Coweta Scanner Facebook Page, Website, and the NCST Weather Group on Facebook.

The Newnan Coweta Scanner Traffic Facebook Page

The Newnan Coweta Scanner Traffic Facebook Page was created in the spring of 2021 by the NCST Admin as a way for him to share with the community the information he overheard while monitoring the local public service radio channels.

The page was quickly noticed by members of the community and began to grow rapidly.

The page is the source of as-it-happens updates on crimes, traffic, and other information impactful to the community.

With over 70,000 combined likes and follows, the page has an extensive reach with the local area.

As of December of 2023, content posted to the page had been viewed over 5.3 million times.

The Newnan Coweta Scanner Traffic Website

The Newnan Coweta Scanner Traffic Website, located at, was created in the fall of 2021 as a means for being able to give more information regarding the calls covered on the Facebook page, to allow for updates to these previous calls, and to allow for information to be published concerning incidents and news that weren’t covered at the time of the incident.

The NCST Weather Group

The NCST Weather Group ( Facebook ) was started in the spring of 2023 and serves as the primary avenue for NCST to provide updated weather information to the community. 

The bulk of weather coverage was moved to this separate group to ensure the flurry of posting during the impact of a weather event did not negatively impact other posts on the main page.  It was also passed on by community members why some appreciate the weather content, others found it redundant with weather sources they already trust. Certain weather-related content, including NWS warnings and watches, are still posted directly to the main page as well.

We are not meteorologists. Our goal is to provide local context to professional forecasts before storms impact the area and provide real-time information about the impacts of storms within the County as they occur.

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