NCST Facebook Commenting Policy and FAQs

NCST Operates an account on Facebook, owned by Meta, and in doing so operates within the policies and terms of service required by Meta to do so. Followers accessing content posted by NCST through the Facebook platform are also bound by their individual agreement with Meta to follow the terms of service and policies governing their account.

Above and beyond these Meta policies and terms of service, NCST reserves the right to enforce, or not enforce, as they see fit, the following NCST policies using the management tools provided by Meta to business account users.

Last Updated: 2/13/2024

Frequently Asked Questions

Why can’t I comment on certain posts?

The primary goal of NCST is to provide timely and factual information to the community.

While NCST has many other goals, including fostering a conversation amongst the community about impactful topics, the importance of providing timely and factual information has to stand above all others.

In general, the following three situations represent the most common situations in which we believe restricting all commenting on posts is in the best interest of that primary goal.

The first is high-impact incidents that are possibly still occurring. From armed subjects and active shooters to school code reds and stabbings/shootings. the need for NCST to ensure the information being disseminated is both confirmed and easily accessible is paramount. In these cases, the commenting will be restricted to NCST staff only so that updates can be commented on the posts and easily seen by community members awaiting updates and further information. Normally comments will remain closed on the original post and depending on the situation commenting may be available on subsequent posts after the initial severity of the incident has passed.

Secondly are posts in which the privacy of individuals’ medical status is best left unsaid until an appropriate time. This includes Accidents with Injuries in which there is a high probability of – or a confirmed fatality. We withhold information regarding the situation until we can confirm the family has been contacted or a reasonable amount of time has passed. In this case, comments are restricted to ensure that identifying information is not passed in the comments. 

Thirdly are posts in which suspects are identified by name. This is a policy that was implemented last year after many instances of the comments becoming a hellscape of personal attacks. That’s not the point of the platform we’ve created as a result I’ve decided to restrict commenting on these posts. There is one exception to this policy, posts on Coweta DUI Report. Posts on this Facebook Page have comments open even though they link to the website and identify suspects by name. This is generally also the only place where we heavily post booking images.

Occasionally after a post has been posted comments will be limited. This occasionally happens automatically if enough comments have been reported by other users or if the amount of spam in the comments hits a preset level. These are both part of the Facebook’s system and happen automatically.

These are self-imposed policies that ultimately I reserve the right to follow or not. I provide the above information only to help the community understand the mindset behind the administration of the page.

Restricted Behaviors and Activities in the Comments Section

Advertising or Soliciting Business Services

In order for NCST to provide the service to the community that it does, it has taken on sponsors and provides advertising options as a source of revenue. Out of respect to those who have supported the continued operation of NCST by choosing to provide monetary support, we restrict the marketing or advertising of businesses or personal services within the comments or solicitation through directly messaging community members.

From time to time, NCST may post content that solicits a response that would include comments that would normally infringe on this restricted behavior. In these cases NCST will make sure to word the posts in a manner that makes it clear that responding with your business or marketing information is acceptable.

Commenting on a post regarding the topic of another post in which the comments are closed; Comments not relevant to the post they are commented on.

If the comments of a post are restricted or closed, they are that way for a reason. Do not go to another post on the page to comment regarding another post. We also ask that you keep the post relevant to the topic of the posts, or at the very least that the conversation has originated on the topic of the posts.

Behavior or statements that are counter to the general good and preservation of the Community.

We are entitled to our opinions and I encourage you to voice yours on topics for which you have one. You don’t get to target anyone, berate or demean anyone for theirs, and they don’t for yours. If your ability to hold a civil discourse escapes you, expect a warning or to be removed from the community.

NCST reserves the right to remove access to its content from any user, at any time, for any reason it deems required for the continued operation of its account on the platform.